American Godscast: American Gods Chapter 7

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“In Illinois”

In Chapter Seven of American Gods, Shadow is on the run from the “Spookshow”, having been saved by his dead wife, Laura. He talks to one of Odin’s ravens, and is instructed to head to Cairo, in Illinois. He buys a car, and picks up a hitchiker, “girl” Sam and is nudged into driving her to El Paso, in Illinois. They discuss gods, and Shadow demonstrates some skill in people reading. He gets an offer to see Lucille Ball’s tits from one of the modern gods, and does a coin trick upon reaching Cairo, where he meets some more gods.

Meanwhile, Somewhere in America, a reluctant salesman learns whether or not an ifrit cab driver can grant wishes.

Joe and Mondo are discussing Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods, chapter by chapter, ahead of the TV adaptation coming to Starz. You can find us at

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