American Godscast #14: American Gods Episode 106 – A Murder of Gods

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“A Murder of Gods”

We recap and discuss episode 106.

A Murder of Gods is the furthest we’ve gone from the source material. There is nothing from the book in this episode (aside from why Salim hates New York). We see a really disturbing dichotomy of Christianity. Wednesday and Shadow see what happens when a god gets an upgrade (or a Lemon Scented You), and meet a whole town full of white, racist, gun-loving Americans. We assume they’re racist, and we agree that white, racist, and gun-loving does not always go together. But it does in Vulcan, Virginia. We also get a second road trip group as Laura, Mad Sweeny, and Salim join up and hit the road.

Also, Brian Reitzell is the music supervisor and composer of American Gods, and is doing just a fantastic job.

We’ll get back to the novel after the first season of the TV show is over.

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